Are You a Mesh Candidate?

Is mesh right for you?

There is a lot of talk about mesh these days and it is important to be informed before you make a decision. You can learn the whole story about mesh here, but below are a few major factors to keep in mind. Ultimately, only you and your doctor can decide if mesh is a good option for treating your medical condition.

Mesh is something you should consider if you:

  • have a severe prolapse that affects your everyday life
  • have had prior procedures that have failed
  • have a high risk for recurrence

These are things you should discuss thoroughly with your doctor.

Mesh is something you should consider avoiding if you:

  • smoke
  • have uncontrolled diabetes
  • have received radiation in the pelvic area
  • are regularly prescribed steroids
  • have a known sensitivity or allergy to polypropylene

There are additional factors why mesh may or may not be a good fit for you. Have a thorough conversation with your doctor about your medical history, your current medical condition, and your expectations regarding a medical procedure to permanently implant a medical device in your pelvic area before you make your individual decision.